Responsible Behavior

LottoGopher strives to be a responsible Corporate Citizen in our communities. Our system is structured to help maintain controlled ordering by our users, and we are proud to play a part in helping education and other initiatives that your state lottery supports with its revenues.

We are committed to a policy of Corporate and Social Responsibility. While we recognize that the majority of subscribers participate in our community in a responsible and rational manner, there may be a very small proportion that do not.

We have established a set of policies and guidelines to aid in protecting them and others affected by their behavior. These deal with issues such as compulsive activity, responsible Marketing and Advertising and unattended minors.

LottoGopher utilizes a variety of approaches to promote Responsible behavior including employee training programs, written procedures for recognizing and managing these issues, use of outside experts, self-exclusion policies, customer education and awareness, and monitoring and measuring compliance with results of these programs.

For those seeking more information, or assistance with these issues the following resources are offered:

Opt-Out Service

Email your name and email address to with a request to voluntarily be placed on our opt-out list, which is designed to prevent users from registering or using our services.

California Lottery Website- Play Responsibly Page

California Lottery Website- Supporting Education Page